Straddle Stretch

AREAS INVOLVED: Groin, Hamstrings, Lower back

Straddle Stretch

STANDARD POSITION: Sit upright with legs straight.

Spread legs to a comfortable angle.

Keeping legs straight, but not locking knees, bend forward at the waist.

Hold for ten seconds, then push down slightly farther until slightly more tension is felt. Hold for ten seconds.

Return to starting position.

Repeat sequence, bending torso towards the left knee.

Return to starting position, and repeat sequence towards the right knee.


Pointing toes or pulling toes towards the head will emphasize the lower part of the hamstrings.

Pointing toes down away from the head emphasizes the upper portion of the hamstrings.

Keeping the head up and flattening the back while lowering the torso helps stretch the hamstrings.

Dropping the chin towards the chest and rounding the back will emphasize the back.

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