Front Torso Stretch

Front Torso Stretch

AREAS INVOLVED: Abdominals, Groin

Lie on your stomach with your hands in the bottom push-up position (Figure 1).

Slowly lift the upper body, keeping the hips and lower body on the floor and looking straight ahead (Figure 2). Contract the gluteals to reduce the stress on the lower back. Hold for ten seconds, then gently lift upper body higher and contract gluteals harder until a slightly greater stretch is felt. Hold for ten seconds.

To decrease the difficulty of this stretch, it can be performed while keeping the elbows on the ground.

To emphasize the inner groin area, spread legs shoulder width apart, point toes outward, turn head towards right shoulder, and lean torso towards the left side. Repeat sequence on opposite side.

This stretch should not be performed if pain is felt in the lower back.

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