Getting Started

Knee Boos TechniqueAttention must be given to proper and safe technique not only during the lifting set, but also in getting the weights from the floor to the starting position, and returning the weights when finished. The use of a spotter is recommended for many lifts.


Grasp dumbbells in a squat position, with back straight and looking ahead. (Figure 1)

Stand up. (Figure 2)

Sit down on bench. Rest dumbbells on thighs. (Figure 3)

If the exercise is to be done in the sitting position such as in the Military Press, lift up one leg to help “boost” a dumbbell into the starting position. (Figure 4) Repeat for the other dumbbell.

If the exercise is to be done lying down, such as in the Bench Press, lie back slowly. When your back is a few inches above the bench, lift one leg up to “boost” a dumbbell into the starting position, repeating with the other leg immediately. Practicing this technique with light weights is recommended.

A spotter’s assistance to get the weight to the starting position is recommended if heavy weights are used, there is a history of back or shoulder injuries, or the “knee boost” technique cannot be mastered. After the lifter is in the proper lifting position, the spotter can hand the weight to the lifter. After the set, the spotter takes the weight from the lifter. (Figure 5)

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