Dr. Stetson Testimonials

Thank You Dr. Stetson

I was originally referred to Dr. Stetson from the military medical system two years after I was injured on duty in 2001. Having endured two years of liberal narcotic prescriptions and worthless cortisone injections, I was finally afforded the opportunity to consult with Dr. Stetson regarding my right shoulder. He immediately made a correct diagnosis and recommended surgery. The surgery itself was trouble free and went well. I’ll add that the entire process of being under Dr Stetson’s care was easy and my treatment was first-rate. I’m enclosing a picture taken on top of the Mayor’s office on one of the last days of the Fallujah battle this past November. Thank you, Dr Stetson for fixing my shoulder and helping get me back in the fight with my fellow Marines. Semper Fidelis, Lt Col Trevor Kleineahlbrandt

Lt Col Trevor Kleineahlbrandt

Update on Patient Vianai Austin

Dr. Stetson, I just wanted to give you an update on Vianai. After your last appointment with Vianai this past December, you gave her your blessings to play and she made it back for the last six games of her senior college year. This past weekend was the senior’s day game and Vianai was able to play extended minutes after finally shaking off the rust in her knees. She scored 15 points (five 3-pointers) and received a huge ovation from the crowd as well as player of the game.

Dr. Stetson this was a huge accomplishment for Vianai because you have performed three surgeries in the last four years on her knees. The 3rd surgery you performed gave her a chance to complete her goal of getting one last opportunity to play in a couple of games for her senior season to complete her college basketball career. Well Dr. Stetson, mission accomplished and we owe you so much gratitude for guiding her on this journey.

Dr. Stetson, on behalf of the Austin Family, thank you so much for taking care of Vianai these past four years. Without your sincere care, she probably would not have been able to ever play again. Just to let you know, her team (Academy of Arts University Division 2) finished in 3rd place and will be starting tournament play this Thursday at Concordia University at 245pm. Your more than invited. Again thank you so much.

Sincerely Byron Austin

Thank You Dr. Stetson

I wanted to thank you, and in particular, your family, for allowing you the space to pursue your career.  Pursuit of perfection is typically a solitary endeavor.  So many sacrifices have to be made to gather all the knowledge available and create new knowledge.  So often, the family sacrifices.  You can’t create something no one has ever seen before if you are going shopping, or to PTA meetings.  So sacrifices are made and regrets are generated.  You sir, are an excellent doctor.  That tells me that you, and your family have paid the price for that excellence.  So I want to thank your family, as well as yourself, for all the sacrifices you’ve both made.  Because…. I am the recipient of that effort.  I lived for twenty five years with the pain of a torn biceps tendon because twenty five years ago, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a doctor like you at the time.  I am eternally grateful for what you’ve done for me.  I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve been told that you like to coach your son’s baseball team, so I wanted to give you a book I wrote to help coaches and parents that are doing just that.  I don’t expect that it will help you as much as you’ve helped me, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to do anything that would positively impact you and your family.

Thank you.

Terry Garcia

Dr Stetson and staff,

Thank you for allowing me to be back on the soccer field. After a shoulder injury, I am now in business.

J Chereque