Thank you Dr. Stetson

I have been very active in sports all my life: gymnastics, rock climbing and now endurance horse racing. This entails racing horses cross-country for 50, 75 and 100 miles. My horse and I have been to the Pan American Championships and have been ranked in the top 4 in our weight division on the West Coast for 6 years. We can’t afford to be slowed down much by a broken leg… In mid-February, I broke my leg and Dr Stetson had to install a plate and 6 screws to hold me together. Because of his excellent work, I have retained my flexibility and the strength is quickly returning. I am racing again, having completed a 50-mile race in mid-May, after short 3-month layoff. This picture was taken at an endurance race called the Tevis Cup in the Lake Tahoe area.