Problem: Right Shoulder

My name is Ian Ayers, and I just want to inform anyone looking into orthopedic care, they have found the right person, Dr. Stetson. Here’s my story, 20 years ago in high school I developed popping in my right shoulder which followed up years later with extreme pain in the back of my right shoulder. I love to work out and play sports but the only thing that made my shoulder not hurt was to not work out. Since that was not an option I have been dealing with finding a fix to my shoulder issue for about 15 years or more. Over the past 15 years I have seen HMO doctors who only cared that I could move my arm above my head and sent me on my way, and I have seen PPO doctors who I researched thinking they would be the best because they were team doctors for most of the major league sporting teams we have here in Los Angeles. While seeing at least 10 or more doctors over the last 15 years, I’ve received 5 MRI’s, multiple x-rays, nerve testing (including a nerve block which numb your entire arm and right side of face, yeah that was fun), multiple cortisone shots, and even a botox shot (not because my shoulder had wrinkles, but its actually a muscle relaxer, who knew), and numerous years of physical therapy and pill taking of anti-inflamatory stuff. None of it helped. And not one previous doctor knew what the problem was because none of the MRI’s or X-rays revealed anything an exact problemDetermined to continue to live, work out, play sports and be a father, I learned that the only thing that temporarily relieved my shoulder was to severely stretch the back of my shoulder muscles. After family members grew tired of standing on my shoulder to stretch it out, I went to Home Depot and created my own muscle stretcher which I had to use for at least 30 minutes after every work out or I wouldn’t be able to move my arm for a week afterwards. After years of this self therapy the shoulder just kept getting worse and worse, so I tried to diagnose the injury myself through lots and lots of research. I thought that it sounded similar to an injury volleyball players get and at the same time I was reading this a coworker told me they had gone to Dr. Stetson for their shoulder. So I researched him and found out he was a professional volleyball player. So I booked an appointment. Now this is where is gets amazing!! I walk in without having any MRI’s or X-Rays, he moves my arm around, asks me a few questions about how it feels and makes a diagnosis, a torn labrum. I was shocked, after seeing over 10 specialists multiple times over the last 15 years, no one had ever had a clue as to what the problem was. Although it wasn’t the “volleyball injury” I thought it was, I didn’t care, I was just elated that someone actually had an idea as to what the problem was. It actually seemed like a miracle. Although I was still skeptical that it was the right answer, I was just happy that someone actually diagnosed it. I booked the surgery for one week later, and as it turned out from the surgery he was exactly right with his diagnosis. During the surgery he actually taped the surgery process and showed me the large torn labrum ligament which is exactly what he thought it was. He fixed it up and sent me on my way, and within a month or so I was working out again with no pain. It’s now about 10 months later and my life is completely different, I feel like a different person now that the constant daily pain is out of my life. I can even play with my son now without feeling the pain for days after. Thanks Dr. Stetson, you’ve changed my life.