Debbie Munsey

In 2002, a bouldering accident at Joshua Tree rendered me unable to walk or to put any weight on my right leg. After an emergency room misdiagnosis, I made an appointment to see Dr. Stetson who knew almost immediately what the true problem was: a torn ACL. He outlined the treatment options?both surgical and non-surgical. I felt that he was very thorough and straightforward about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, so I was able to make a well-informed decision that was right for me. In my case, I wanted to continue to hike and backpack for many years, to be as strong as possible, so I opted for surgery. In all phases of the process, from preparation for the operation to recovery and physical therapy, Dr. Stetson managed my case beautifully and I always knew what to expect. The only nasty surprise in the whole process was the initial accident itself! As the mother of an active six-year-old, getting back on my feet fast was important. Under Dr. Stetson’s care, I returned to my normal activities quickly. The following year, I day-hiked Mt. Whitney (22 miles and about 6,000 feet of elevation gain) without knee pain (see above). Not bad for an over-forty mom with two screws in her knee, and I owe it to the skill, knowledge and guidance of Dr. Stetson