Dr. Mihai Roman – October 2016

Senior Surgeon, Orthopaedic and Trauma Department of the Clinical County Sibiu

“I was very interested to learn how high quality medicine can be performed in a private facility like Stetson and Powell Sports Medicine Centre, as in my country only in public hospitals such performance ca be achieved. I was very much impressed about the quality of organization, the efficiency of the whole routine, and documentation besides the high quality of patient care and the interest in teaching young intern students in their pre-med year.

I spent with Dr Stetson one wonderful week and I was deeply impressed both by the extraordinary high level of professional expertise but also by the incredible infrastructure and level of organization he has. It is a perfect example of good medical knowledge and hard work. I learned new techniques or refined other that I already knew. I expanded my knowledge in the field of shoulder surgery trying to accumulate as much information I could. I sincerely hope to use as much of what I learned, in my home country, and also pass the knowledge further to other interested colleagues.

I want to emphasize how extraordinary well organized my whole schedule was. Dr Stetson and his team took care of all the details so I can have the most of my visit in Burbank.

I spent a fantastic week in Burbank with Dr William Stetson. I was overwhelmed by his kindness, attention, to teach and share and last but not least, by his generosity!”