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Dr. Horia

I was fortunate to have met Dr. Stetson and Dr. Marra in 2013 at our National Orthopedic Society meeting. There, they stemmed a new AAOS educational program aimed at teaching shoulder surgery in Romania as well as the neighboring countries. I have been taking part in the annual course since its inception in 2015. We are now in our fifth year and have founded our own national shoulder association.

In October 2016 I received an AAOS International scholarship. On this occasion I visited Dr. Guido Marra in Chicago, IL (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) and from 31th of Oct until the 4th of Nov Dr. William Stetson, at Stetson-Powell Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, in Burbank, CA.

I was impressed with the amount and quality of work. I definitely had to reconsider what passionate and tireless meant. I learned a lot on how to manage cases during clinics and how to optimize patient’s management. But mostly I continued to develop clinical skills, understand shoulder pathology and improve the way I am able to treat patients. During surgeries I observed Dr. Stetson was a great educator and meticulously explained every step of the procedure. Many of what I learned I can now apply during my practice, in the largest Hospital form the Western part of Romania. We still keep in touch through a new video platform that Dr. Stetson is currently developing. It enables live collaboration during surgeries between orthopedists around the world.

My trip has also been a cultural experience. The location – southern California, near Warner Brothers Studios and Santa Monica pier – have provided additional points of interest. I thank Dr. Stetson and his team for taking turns in making sure I get the most of whatever free time was available at the end of the busy days.