Associate Clinical Professor, University of Southern California Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


Dr. Stetson graduated from Los Angeles County-USC Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in 1994. He continues to return to his Alma Mater to teach the orthopaedic residents of USC arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee. Dr. Stetson donates his time once every 6 weeks to spend an entire day in surgery at LAC-USC Medical Center where he enjoys teaching the residents arthroscopic surgery. He believes in “giving back” and teaching these skills to other doctors in their residency training. For those of you not familiar with orthopaedic surgery residency, this is where doctors learn their specialty, training for five years how to do surgery. Dr. Stetson feels fortunate that he learned advanced arthroscopic skills during his fellowship and is eager to share these skills with the residents of USC.For his efforts, Dr. Stetson was voted “Voluntary Faculty Person of the Year,” in 2001 and is currently an Associate Clinical Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery for the USC Keck School of Medicine.