Ethiopian Orthopedic Surgeon Visits Dr. Stetson

From Monday, September 19th thru Thursday, September 22nd Dr. Biruk Wamisho, an Ethiopian Orthopedic Surgeon, visited with Dr. Stetson and Stetson Powell Orthopedics.  During this time, Dr. Wamisho shadowed Dr. Stetson in the office as well as observing during surgery, showing Dr. Wamisho basic and advanced techniques of Arthroscopic surgery.

Also during the trip, Dr. Wamisho was able to share his experiences of Orthopedics in Ethiopia, a country that has only 39 Orthopedic Surgeons for a population of 100 million people.

We hope that Dr. Wamisho is able to take the knowledge he learned from this trip back home and apply it to his patients and we hope to help him in the future as he begins the process of bringing Arthroscopic surgery to Ethiopia.

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