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Dr. Stetson Olympic Roundup

Dr. Stetson traveled to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London with the USA Volleyball teams.  He worked with all USA Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Competitions.

Dr. Stetson was seen on T.V. working hard for both of the Men’s and Women’s teams. His background as an All – American Volleyball player at USC givies him a unique position on the coaching staff. He not only takes care of the players medical needs, but helps coach, scout and mentor the players.

Dr. Stetson named in 2012 “Guide to America’s Top Orthopedists”!

Dr. Stetson was recently named to the 2012 list of “Guide to America’s Top Orthopedists”.  Dr. Stetson has been featured annually as a “Top Orthopedist” since 2005.