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Dr. Stetson’s research into knee arthroscopy

What’s News: Dr. Stetson’s research into knee arthroscopy and the use of two portal for knee arthroscopy has led to a new technology by the company Cannuflow. Using two portals instead of three for knee arthroscopy has been proven by research to accelerate the recovery of the quadriceps muscle following knee arthroscopy…Read more

Dr. Stetson will be featured in the November issue of the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

“The most difficult Latin I translated was Cicero,” began Dr. William Stetson, an orthopedic surgeon in private practice in Burbank, Calif., and a 1982 graduate of USC College…. watch the video about Dr. William Stetson.

Tennis Pro Dave Hagler discusses Tennis Elbow and Tennis Shoulder

Tennis injuries fall into 2 broad classifications – overuse and deceleration. According to a 2004 USTA study, about 2/3 of all tennis injuries are overuse injuries. These suggestions are for the upper body – tennis shoulder and tennis elbow…Read More